About Ramuz

Ramuz was founded as a Forex trading platform. Our team is engaged in round-the-clock automated trading in the cryptocurrency market, regularly improving their strategies and adapting them to the ever-changing market needs.

Automated trading in the cryptocurrency market provides tremendous opportunities for earning money and increasing income. After all, using bots, you can simultaneously trade on several cryptocurrency exchanges with various pairs of cryptocurrencies. To get the maximum profit, you need to simultaneously monitor the fluctuation rates of various cryptocurrencies in real time.

Programs for bots are created by people, and the success of this bot on the exchange depends on how well the strategy of work for the bot is developed. However, there is nothing eternal in the world. The economic situation is changing rapidly everywhere. For this reason, trading bots need to be constantly reconfigured in accordance with changing market conditions or new bots bought, as old bots become ineffective and can cause losses.The developing economic crisis has made significant adjustments to the existing financial market. Stock market shares plummeted, old strategies don't work. Traders, seeing that the old mechanisms do not work, are looking for new opportunities and new markets, paying more and more attention to cryptocurrencies.

The unique experience of our company's specialists allows us to earn money under any market conditions. Due to the financial crisis, many traders have lost large sums and left the classic markets. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise as people always need alternatives and are looking for new opportunities.


We know that no even the best and most proven trading strategy will work forever. We are ready for change. They will not take us by surprise. The onset of the global crisis has only made us stronger.

We have successfully tested all our trading strategies and decided to expand our business in order to get even more opportunities for trading in the cryptocurrency market, increasing the number of exchanges we work with and adding new pairs of cryptocurrencies.

To get even more profits, we need to increase our trading capital. For this reason, it was decided to introduce an investment program. To promote our project around the world, a referral program is also used, which allows you to generate income by spreading project ideas around the world.

Officially registered company:
# 10823286